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Reveal // Looped Video, Looped .Gif's

Reveal consists of ten looped video screens. It plays for 9 minutes long and introduces 9 different characters. When a person is presented in the surveillance footage their sex, weight, height and eye color are disclosed in the bottom left of the screen that displays a full body portrait of them rotating, revealing every part of their clothed body. 

The project is designed to raise a question: "Do security cameras help us maintain a safer city or are they infringing on our privacy?"

Chicago has added 500 security cameras under Emanuel and now has 22,000 cameras citywide, said Gary Schenkel, executive director of the Office of Emergency Management and Communications. The system includes the blue-light street cameras, but also cameras on CTA trains, buses, public transit stations, CHA facilities and ones operated by other public bodies.

What happens when the tables turn? Why aren't people in a non-authority position allowed to take photographs on the CTA? Why are the rules so blurred whether or not you are allowed to photograph an officer? What do they have to hide?

The study above was conducted in 2011 before the Boston Bombings and it is easy to imagine that many more have been installed since.

The disturbing events that happened in Boston directed me to think about surveillance. Through social media, news and surveillance footage, it wasn't long before the victims were discovered - but social media played a bad counterpart with surveillance footage by forcing blame on the young and innocent Sunil Tripathi by falsely accusing him. He was found dead in Rhode Island just weeks later.

ARE CAMERAS KEEPING US SAFE? ARE CAMERAS INVADING OUR PRIVACY? These are the questions that I ask myself after the tragedy that occurred in Boston. These are the questions that I ask myself when a Chicago officer said she was going to "rip the film out of my camera."

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Credit. Lennah Trevino, Craig Dupuis, and all the actors that helped make this possible.

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